We had a simple hope. Americans would make the easiest, most logical and humane choice on 11/3.

All we wanted was for America to choose justice over injustice, unity over division, equality over racist oppression.

But almost half of America’s voters refused.

In fact, counting everyone not voting for Biden, America seems overwhelmingly satisfied with the failures and tragedies of Donald Trump and his heartless minions.

We were waiting for the GOP to pay the price for failing to remove a monster from office over his undisputed abuses of power. …

My South Carolina neighbors have increased their target shooting. The law here says no one can shoot a firearm within 300 yards of a residence. They’re at about 200 feet, and it’s clearly with high-powered rifles. (The time between the gunshot and the sound of the struck target reaching us is less than 1/5th of a second.) And I am known in the community for being a liberal supporting the BLM movement.

I asked them to comply with the law, and what I received in reply was a gunshot. But that’s what tRump supporters do. My dear puppy Chiquita barked…

I’m nothing special, but I try not to be pretentious about it.

Oops. I failed again…….


“You, and you alone, now own ALL of us!!”

“Can I get you some juice? Maybe a blanket? I’d offer to connect you to your anti-vaxx Facebook page, but as repub numbers dwindled so rapidly, so did FB profits, until…. And, d’uh, there’s no one left to tell your covid lies to, except yourself, Mr. Winner!”)

“I bet this moment of owning every LIB on Planet Earth is the happiest moment of your entire lif...”

“Hello? Hello, Mr. Winner….hello? Hello? Well, I’m certain you died a very happy man, Mr. Winner.”

— — — — — — — —…

So, the question becomes;

Is this collection of The Guardian news stories considered to be “Most viewed” because we pursue stories of misery and destruction, or is this just an average day, and we don’t even recognize that this is no longer even necessarily the first “stop” on our now rapid descent into hell? At the very least, the prospects seem less than promising.

“All out for the first circle of HELL!” (The rest of you really should have gotten out before the doors slammed shut.)


The result of clicking this link will change over time. (But that won’t save us.)

Since we seem to be unable to exit with even a tiny fraction of the ease with with we got on, let me at least present an informative travel guide:


Thank you for reading, and wishes for the very least of hell to one and all.

Imagine the possibility of such a Trump campaign ad as the following when President Biden attempts his run for reelection:

“Under a Biden administration, millions of patriotic American citizens of all ages in Red states have lost their lives from the deadly Chinese virus. But there are almost no deaths in blue states.

“Why is this? Is Biden so desperate to steal a second election that he has deliberately caused the deaths of millions of Trump voters? Biden had the miraculous Trump Vaccines. …

(Originally written April, 2019, significantly edited 7/1/21, prior to the most recent UN report on climate.)

Yes, I’m aware that I’m going to die. We all will, if only when the sun eventually expands to embrace this dead rock billions of years from now. So if I may please be allowed to rephrase….

How do we continue to live on a dying planet? Or if not how, why?

Soon, or at least within the lifetime of most people reading this, Earthlings will almost certainly be measuring the cumulative number of human deaths having resulted from climate change, directly or indirectly…

This is very brief, for now. Minutes ago I acquired The Long Southern Strategy by Maxwell and Shields, and I suspect I’ll have more to say. But for now, the idea is very simple:

It is seemingly very easy to imagine that one of the aspects of America’s racial (and racist) past is the impact the southern strategy has had on the “fortunes” of the GOP, especially in the American south. Is this one of the things the far right is most determined to keep secret (as the southern strategy was itself kept secret for decades, and only the most…

This week an American Supreme Court composed overwhelming of judges anointed(not sic) by Mitch McConnell may announce their consideration to decide the future of affirmative action in America, possibly leading towards overthrowing a precedent considering such race-based decisions in America established over 400 years ago, long before America even was America.

Americans can only hope that the undeniable (thus far, check daily) realities of America’s brutal history will be considered by this group composed overwhelmingly of Trump kangaroos (but blessedly also one “Kagan-aroo”, and two other law-based judges), especially since those realities largely existed well before the time America existed…

““I encourage all Americans to gather, in homes and places of worship, to offer a prayer of thanks to God for our many blessings,” Trump said at the end of the annual presidential Thanksgiving proclamation released by the White House press secretary’s office on Wednesday.

While it has always seemed that Drumpf was, shall we say, “unconcerned” with the welfare of Americans, this is not that.

We all know from his own statements that Drumpf only considers that he has lost if he is unable to inflict pain on his otherwise winning opponent, and with the above statement his true…

foofaraw & Chiquita (ARF!)

100% UNPAID writer, because I must. Nixon ’68-Cried myself to sleep. After crying myself to sleep again in 2016, now living 2 C “Orange” wearing PRISON orange.

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