A Simple(?) Question: How Has the GOP Helped Working Americans Over the Past 50 Years?

What happened to the famous GOP concept of “quid pro quo”?

foofaraw & Chiquita (ARF!)
3 min readNov 27, 2022

Medium friends, I need your help to answer a serious question: What has the GOP done to help working Americans over the past 50 years? I feel certain that had republicans done absolutely nothing to help non-millionaire, non-corporations (as certainly seems to be the case) for over 50 years now, how could they still have enough support from Americans in order to continue to exist? If the GOP has indeed done nothing as far as presenting or supporting legislation to help hard-working, struggling, taxpaying Americans, why would one single working person ever cast a vote for any of them, at any level?

(Yes, it’s true that no republican has entered the White House with a majority of popular votes since the 1980s, but that’s deliberately systemic, and more or less a happy accident that the GOP has made use of. What has the GOP done for working Americans? Anything that might be considered productive, I mean.)

While the Democratic Party has offered progressive legislation time and time again, then fought the GOP to get countless practical and humanitarian laws passed, exactly what has the GOP done? They have fought against every attempt to make the lives of American taxpayers better:

Social security

Unemployment insurance


GI Bill (one of the most economically powerful bills in American history)



Clean Air/Water

Rural mail delivery/electricity

…and the list of progressive laws suggested and supported by the left but fought against universally by the right goes on endlessly. Which again makes me ask…..

What has the republican party done to help anyone lacking in either money or power?

I’ve been asking this question for awhile now, and a few people have made an effort to answer. One reply suggested that the GOP supported civil rights laws in the early 60s….over 50 years ago. (But that person offered nothing from the GOP since. And obviously the civil rights legislation came from the left, and most repubs wanted nothing to do with it.) A reply from someone else suggested that Nixon “signed” some progressive bills that reached his desk. Both these responses are tragically laughable in their implication that the GOP’s proudest moments are none too proud, and none too recent.

Once again, here is my question:

What legislation has the GOP either offered or supported over the past 50 years to make the lives of non-rich, working Americans more bearable and productive?

It’s a simple question, and I sincerely hope to receive some replies. If I do not, I fear I may have to come to the conclusion that American democracy stands on the brink specifically because the GOP has made a clear decision that hate is more effective for their purposes than is actual policy. (And perhaps that’s exactly the reason that the GOP platform for the 2020 election was to have no platform:

“As published on the party’s official web site, the “Resolution Regarding the Republican Party Platform” states:

“RESOLVED, That the Republican National Convention will adjourn without adopting a new platform until the 2024 Republican National Convention.”


Hmm. I suppose my question has been answered, and the GOP feels that hate really is enough. At least as long as your constituents are equally focused on hate instead of furthering democracy and improving lives.

Still, I’d like some answers to my original question, should such answers exist.

Thank you.



foofaraw & Chiquita (ARF!)

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