“All Lives Matter”: America’s Cruelest Lie

Could there conceivably be anyone in America still both willing and able to believe that the statement “All lives matter” is anything more than a dream at best, and a lie at worst? It seems, at least to this writer, that those professing it most strongly are typically those believing it least, and in fact are generally the very Trump supporters that have made so much of this lie. (An almost bigger lie is that those unwilling to even protect their own children by wearing masks in public are somehow so very aware of the sanctity of “all” life.) The reality is that the rest of us should hopefully feel compelled to overcome this lie with the truth: “All lives SHOULD matter.” But at least in America, they most assuredly do not.

Does anyone in Trump’s America believe that Muslim lives actually matter? Is that why Trump’s “Muslim ban” was put into place, because Muslims “matter” so much that they needed to be protected from all the hate they would face in America? Not quite. Instead, the purpose was quite clearly to break up families and create a sense of isolation and fear that produces voters for the “right” among uneducated white southerners. (Also known as the “Southern Strategy”, it is designed to use the white fear of all Black Americans, but especially the double-whammy of Black Muslims.)


Does everyone in the “time of covid” actually believe that the lives of the elderly still matter? We’ve seen call after call from the “pro-life right” claiming that we should be willing and happy to lose perhaps the majority of our elderly to a horribly painful and lonely death. (But is this really so different from working to defund the very social security that brought a third of America’s elderly out of poverty and hunger when first enacted?) Basically they will be in favor of whatever hell is necessary to keep Trump in office until his death, something none of them seem able to picture. (The only deaths they seem able to comprehend are those of the elderly, journalists and “enemies of Trump”, all the while professing that “all lives matter”.) We’ve watched the very laws put into place by Obama to protect the elderly citizens of nursing homes, eliminated by a jealous child with daddy issues.


Far too few Americans are even aware of the most victimized demographic in America, Native American women, much less have made a serious effort to help. “In some U.S. counties composed primarily of Native American lands, murder rates of Native American women are up to 10 times higher than the national average for all races, according to a study for the U.S. Department of Justice by sociologists at the University of Delaware and University of North Carolina, Wilmington. Other possible victims have never been found. As of 2016, there were 5,712 cases of missing Native American women reported to the National Crime Information Center. “The numbers are likely much higher because cases are often under-reported and data isn’t officially collected…”

But we’re expected to believe that all these lives “matter” also? And to people with no interest in even being aware of the issue?


Does America actually believe the LGBTQ+ community matters? Supreme Court justices Thomas and Alito have already expressed support for the repeal of same-sex marriage. (The fact that Thomas would have been arrested not so long ago for being married to his white wife is further proof the right has zero sense of irony.) Both Trump justices have voted 100% on the side of religion against the state and constitution since being seated. (For the record, so-called “liberal” judges have followed the Constitution 100% and voted for the government and separation of church and state in every available instance.) What this means is that all it will require to strike down laws favoring any rights of the LGBTQ+ community will be for a so-called Christian to claim “my faith doesn’t agree with that.” Goodbye rights and protections.


I could go on for pages about the disabled, women, immigrants, Latino-Americans, Mexicans, the formerly incarcerated, the poor, the under and uninsured, Asians, and dozens (if not hundreds, or even thousands) of others. Hopefully, someone who is a better writer will do exactly that, and whoever that may be, you have my blessing.

But the group that most assuredly does not seem to matter is Black Americans, and this has been true in America for 401 years. (And unlike Native American women, it has never been a national secret, but a proud racist fact.) Sure, Black lives mattered to the slaveowner as long as he profited. And the contractors of so many federal and state buildings (such as the White House and US Capital), using cheaper slave labor. And after 401 years, it seems Black lives are used by law enforcement for the same purpose that thousands of Black Americans were lynched; to provide a display of “manliness”, and now to show that Black men are violent, and that countless additional prisons are needed. (Their “violent natures” are shown by killing and brutalizing them…remember what I said about irony? It’s not prisons America needs. It is the very justice too many Americans have never seen that would lower incarceration rates.) Need it be said that in the 2020 election, private prison corporations are donating to Republicans as never before?


The most despicable of American presidents has selfishly created division for his selfish purposes. That, all caring people know. And as such, perhaps once his evil presence lessens, these injustices and inequalities may begin to decrease as well. But other of these injustices against American citizens (and visitors) were ingrained in American society long before President FakeHair came along. And so we must never consider “All lives matter” to be anything other than a cruel and evil lie to get a cruel and evil man elected as tyrant and god.

We need to do whatever we can to prevent the lie from being believed and shared, and instead spread the truth:

All lives SHOULD matter, but they don’t”, until we can begin to say “All lives WILL matter”, because “All lives MUST matter.

Thank you.

100% UNPAID writer, because I must. Nixon ’68-Cried myself to sleep. After crying myself to sleep again in 2016, now living 2 C “Orange” wearing PRISON orange.