It may seem that I highlighted everything, then removed the occasional instance. How to not, when every single word reflects my own beliefs, and not superficially, but deep down to my core.

And your line about the true meaning of political correctness elicited a guffaw so loud as to violate the rule about my silence in my parent’s home. (I accept the price, thank you very much.) I hope to carry that perfect line to my grave. (Dickens, indeed! Clemons and Swift also. perhaps?)

You are my new hero, and not solely for your ideas, but for your talent in presenting them. (Bookmarked!) And please understand that I needed a hero that I can actually express my admiration for rather badly (rather than just respect as a flat image from the halls of Congress.)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

100% UNPAID writer, because I must. Nixon ’68-Cried myself to sleep. After crying myself to sleep again in 2016, now living 2 C “Orange” wearing PRISON orange.