Lies For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

foofaraw & Chiquita (ARF!)
2 min readAug 22, 2020

I live in the south, surrounded by a land and a people soaked in fantasy and myth. TRUMP Land! (TM, so don’t even try.) A place where any (non-gay) behavior is acceptable, even the ownership and torture of other humans, as long as it’s entrenched in bloody, lie-soaked “heritage”. I watch them at auctions buying guns upon guns upon guns, but their children stand next to zero chance of receiving an education beyond what glorious “stories Grandpa tol’ me.

These are a people long force-fed fiction, forgery, falsity, fabrication, falsehood, fib, and fable since even before the Civil War. Lies about superiority, and privilege, andskin, and victimization (incredibly enough, “victimized” by powerless people hanging from a rope. “Worthless” people well worth fighting a devastating war over.) Lies from the church and politicians, lies even on the national political level in the more recent form of the Southern Strategy, with its single purpose; to keep racial hate burning hot. Lies from people like the Koch brothers, spreading the myth of “social security insolvency”, and government distrust, and “don’t tread on me” revolt. Lies from the NRA about “havin’ our guns taken away.”

All they know is lies! All they have ever known is lies.

And why not believe that they are indeed, “the salvation of all America!” The Chinese (or previously, and once again, but NO!, the Russians, Iran, the WHO, the EU, or perhaps NATO) are surely coming! They’ve seen both versions of Red Dawn, and actually believe that the largest, most sophisticated (for lack of a better term), most technologically advanced military in the history of Earth has been neglected to the point where they can “scarcely put a saddle on a horse!”…if you listen to what’s been told these all too tragically, often borderline-illiterate dreamers and literal (not just verbal) manure-spreaders. So, why not choose to believe that millions of Chinese soldiers could just sail/swim/walk right through military detection systems almost beyond foolproof, and actually be standing on the beach in the morning among vacationing Ohio auto workers before a single American soldier “has even put his damn boots on yet.” (True, for China to attack America’s east coast seems a stretch, but that simply attests to the miraculous power of Trump!)

“Thank God in heaven that thousands of our finest, strongest, tallest, best-looking, least pimply southern men will be standing there in the morning with their shotguns, to turn the tide to American MAGA victory!”

And for every one of “the South’s finest”, there will be at least seven unblemished, untouched teenage girls, having waited their young lives long, trembling to reward such heroes as these fine young southerners, no longer boys, but MEN! (No wait…isn’t that the Muslim “seven raisins” sex fantasy? Never mind. Boys will be boys!)

Make no mistake, no leader in the history of the United States has EVER fueled a teen-age sex fantasy like Donald “Jizz” Trump does. And if it’s a lie?

“Who gives a sheeit? It’s a mighty good-un!”



foofaraw & Chiquita (ARF!)

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