McConnell’s Supreme Court and Affirmative Action

This week an American Supreme Court composed overwhelming of judges anointed(not sic) by Mitch McConnell may announce their consideration to decide the future of affirmative action in America, possibly leading towards overthrowing a precedent considering such race-based decisions in America established over 400 years ago, long before America even was America.

Americans can only hope that the undeniable (thus far, check daily) realities of America’s brutal history will be considered by this group composed overwhelmingly of Trump kangaroos (but blessedly also one “Kagan-aroo”, and two other law-based judges), especially since those realities largely existed well before the time America existed as a nation, and prior to the time America’s Constitution was written. (Obviously, in the states where the teaching of non-white history is, or is soon to be prohibited, this will be forbidden news to many):

Should race be a consideration in college admissions?

Highly likely, since for almost 250 years of America’s history (1619 through 1865 / 1867), race was a very crucial aspect of the American education system. Simply stated, anyone Black gaining any level of education stood a substantial chance of being murdered, or at the least brutally punished, simply for something as basic as trying to learn the alphabet. (And those teaching them might receive that same punishment, often regardless of race.) In that context, it certainly seems fair that we correct / reverse that grave and massive injustice by correcting / reversing the horrors of our collective history. In other words, for the sake of fairness and justice America must allow Black Americans to receive education-based advantages for at least that same centuries-long length of time. (And if these McConnell judges deny these long worthy American citizens their long denied and deserved opportunities? No doubt these same judges can be counted on to determine an appropriate “reversing history to correct injustice” punishment, though one imagines them to be milder than the death or torture that had been considered “just” for far too long.)

Should race be a consideration in employment?

Again, from 1619 through 1865 (or 1867, depending on geography), the only “job” available for Black Americans in much of America (and all of the south) was “slave”. Even since then, Black Americans have been denied equal job opportunities almost universally. How can it not be only fair to thus reverse the process of equating race with the worst possible job on the face of planet Earth for such a lengthy time (including during America’s founding and the development of America’s Constitution), by now giving Black Americans an opportunity to benefit from greater consideration for all jobs? (Especially those at the opposite end of the spectrum from “the worst job humanly conceivable”? Fair is fair, right? Those claiming the equality of “all lives matter”, can scarcely disagree…. )

While I cannot imagine that these American (and pre-)American-history-based arguments will be considered by these undeniably educated judges “owned” (note the historical reversal?) by the party that refuses to believe in racism (placing ignorance high on their list of priorities, and raising the question of exactly who missed out on education?), I cannot also help but believe the remainder of America is all too aware.

However, by accepting reality we must consider that the American legal system electrocuted an innocent 14-year-old Black child mid-20th century, a process requiring him to sit on books to make him tall enough to be murdered “properly”. So perhaps we should expand the original period determining the period to be considered by Equal Opportunity by at least an additional century:

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Thank you. Please excuse my sloppy writing. It’s been so long since I’ve written (and a very stressful time at that), and I’m older, rustier and more arthritic. Love and great respect to you all.

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