My Conversation With the LAST Republican


“You, and you alone, as the LAST REPUBLICAN, now own ALL of us LIBS!!”

“Can I get you some juice? Maybe a blanket? I’d offer to connect you to your anti-vaxx Facebook page, but as repub numbers dwindled so rapidly, so did FB profits, until…. And, d’uh, there’s no one left to tell your covid lies to, except yourself, Mr. Winner!”)

“I bet this moment of owning every LIB on Planet Earth is the happiest moment of your entire lif...”

“Hello? Hello, Mr. Winner….hello? Hello? Well, I’m certain you died a very happy man, Mr. Winner.”

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

If we failed to see this coming, we were ourselves akin to fools. The same people willing to die of covid-19 to prove themselves smarter than “the Libs” are overwhelmingly the same people, at least in red states, willing to condemn their families to a life without healthcare, sometimes including death, rather than to acknowledge that the source of the ACA (Obamacare) was a Black man. And this is no exaggeration, but rather a literal truth for them worth dying over. (And one might easily presume these are the same people to react in greatest horror to the thought of their children learning the truth about race in America. Even with CRT being as far as it is from being taught in public schools, it’s still too close for those as consumed with self-loathing as these people are.)

Perhaps this desperate effort to “own the Libs” is only partly their fault. After all, it’s statistical fact that Trump supporters have less education than we progressives. If it’s a secret, it’s one so very poorly kept that even Trump has talked to huge crowds about how he loves the undereducated. Sure, they act as if to take pride in the appellation (and condition), but I suspect the truth is quite the opposite.

And these same people have little choice but to acknowledge that without slavery they would have gained very little wealth in the south prior to the Civil War. And the knowledge that they are so ashamed of having to thank a Black man for providing them health care…

“…once again the “racist white America” aspect must accept the harsh truth, that yet again “white” America owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to a hated, “foreign”, dark-skinned race.

Of course the south hates and resists “Obamacare”. It forces countless generational racists to consider how they are to explain to their children that they need to turn to something vitally important, yet provided by a caring and helpful (hopeful) Black man. Something that no white man had been able to provide in decades of effort. Easier to pretend it doesn’t exist by simply eliminating it through choosing a so-called ‘leader’ promising to do just that.

In that context, how might people seeing themselves as a “ruling class”, lacking in education and insight, not simply find it easier to hate a race that makes the racial majority of a nation look and feel inferior, repeatedly and historically. Hate is far easier than for southern racists to find it within themselves to grow in humanity and personal responsibility.”

Yes, we should have been prepared for this reality, that the same type of people almost ordained “by Gawd” to support Trump are willing to risk their lives to prove themselves both smarter and superior to the very people that have been proving just the opposite for, in a great many cases, 402 years…….so far.

Sorry, but I’m just so angry at how they got us to be so like them…

…measuring the value of one life against another. (Still, it’s better than measuring one life against a dollar.)

Thank you. If we’re changed, and anger is now ours as well, perhaps we can use it as Gandhi and Dr. King did, with hopes of making a better world from it.

100% UNPAID writer, because I must. Nixon ’68-Cried myself to sleep. After crying myself to sleep again in 2016, now living 2 C “Orange” wearing PRISON orange.