Now I Understand Repubs Better, But Detest Them Even More

foofaraw & Chiquita (ARF!)
1 min readFeb 25, 2023

Now We Know Why It’s So Easy for the GOP To Spend Our Money

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Just moments ago, I read this in a new article on HuffPo:

“A late January poll found only 39% of Republicans approve of sending weapons to Ukraine, and only 21% approve of sending money there.”

You all noticed it, right?

Please feel free to provide your own punchlines.

[EDIT: 2/27/23]

Perhaps it wasn’t noticed after all…

Seemingly, almost 1 in 5 repubs (the difference between 39% and 21%)fails to understand that the manufacture of a weapon also involves funds, as does the replacement of that weapon should it need to be replaced in the future. Yes, I know government spending isn’t really as simple as I present here, but I have a hard time believe 18% of repubs surveyed based their answer on economic nuance, rather than ignorance.

Thank you.



foofaraw & Chiquita (ARF!)

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