Please, Don’t Waste My Time (Or Yours)

For what it’s worth;

Things I say on this site I write because I sincerely believe the Earth, society, equality and justice to be in deadly peril. I write, as I have said before, for the same reason I choose to read the thoughts of like-minded people; to trigger thoughts that will cause bigger ideas to develop, be shared, and in turn to grow in a permanent cycle of ideas, growth, and hope. Constantly developing possibilities in a geometric progression of intelligent thought, shared by many caring, thoughtful and compassionate people for some degree of benefit for all life, all society, and all humanity on Earth.

As such, there are many “ideas” presented on Medium that I have less than zero interest in. It has been proven daily over the past several years that the “geometric progression” of the right (which seems to be their only form of “progress”) is into madness, hate and lies. I have no interest whatsoever in the writings of people who have chosen not only to worship a madman, but are proven to willfully, even gleefully believe in some of the most bat-shit crazy ideas to ever arise on this planet. Not only to believe, but to to take some great, orgiastic release and comfort in ”the crazy”, and the great harm it does many of the most vulnerable of Earth’s inhabitants. Anyone so determined to hate and lie, and with such disregard for facts that they will believe in insanity such as the denial of clear evidence of planet-ending climate change, is not someone with anything of interest to me. My time is far better spent sharing ideas with thinkers, not haters, Q-morons and flat-earthers.

If any such people read this; please, don’t waste your time. (I won’t.)

Thanks to all you others. If I err, I err toward caution (and life.)


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foofaraw & Chiquita (ARF!)

100% UNPAID writer, because I must. Liberal for life (so far!) FYI-If I see only a reply (and don’t know the name), I have to presume it’s from a troll. Sorry..