SOME SAY the QAnon Hoax Is Now…FooAnon!

(Of course this story isn’t true….or is it?)

QAnon adherents baselessly claim that the world is controlled by a cabal of satanic, pedophiliac Democrats and wealthy Hollywood socialites who run a global sex trafficking ring and feed on the blood of abused children.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Let us attempt to break the QAnon conspiracy down in order to identify the actual guilty parties:

Trafficking of Children

Isn’t it repubs that have a system of widely dispersed warehouses, detainment centers and hotels housing thousands of children, separated from their families, very often with no means to identify them in order to reunite them with their parents? (If there’s another definition of “child trafficking”, I’d like to hear it.)

EDIT: 9/2/20 — “A senior justice department official who has been nominated by Donald Trump to serve in a lifetime appointment as a judge was involved in the removal of a prosecutor in Texas in 2017 after he repeatedly raised concerns about migrant children who could not be located after being separated from their parents.

Repubs — 1

Dems — 0

Adrenochrome –

A drug extracted from the pineal glands of tortured children. Without their “drug of choice” the users are said to quickly age. It’s suggested that QAnon forces have contaminated the adrenochrome supply with coronavirus, thus people like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have become ill. (Or…their recovery period was actually when they were being held on pedophilia charges, and weren’t actually sick at all.)

Uh, isn’t it Trump who claims to have “perfect hair”, and the best cognitive abilities? Don’t several doctors claim he has perfect health, and at least one said that, aside from his diet, he could stay healthy for 200 years?:

How is that different from veal?” Steve Carrell as Gen. Mark R. Naird, Space Force

And now it’s TRUMP taking a drug made from “dead, tortured children” (or more accurately, fetuses), and that drug “healed” him, gave him a “protective glow”, and caused him to feel better than he has in 20 years. Surely sounds like adrenochrome!

But some days Trump can’t type his own name or connect two spoken words properly. Seemingly, even for the IMPOTUS, the adrenochrome supply can be erratic.

And in Trump’s own words “Sleepy Joe is too senile to be president.” Clearly Trump is saying Biden does NOT have access to adrenochrome. And which party has more members who seem to obviously have partaken of the coronavirus-tainted adrenochrome supply, thus becoming ill with coronavirus? Overwhelmingly republicans.

Repubs — 2

Dems — still 0

Adrenochrome (Part 2)

And speaking of needing a pure, constant supply of adrenochrome, isn’t it Trump who brags about getting new drugs to the market without delay? Who is it that obviously has the FDA and the CDC in his pocket?

EDIT: 9/2/20 — “CDC tells health officials to expect a coronavirus vaccine by November”

And what “leader” took America out of the WHO, the very organization that likely would be the first to investigate if Trump were doing anything shady in order to test, produce, approve and market the refined adrenochrome product? (Well, the WHO and Dr. Fauci, who Trump and the right have now largely discredited. Discrediting a man attempting to save millions of lives never made sense before….) Of course, Trump will need more political power to alter the constitution before he can fully utilize (i.e., profit from) this pipeline for such a nefarious product, and that can’t happen until November 4, 2020.

Repubs — 3

Dems — still 0

Wealthy Hollywood Elites

Such as Trump’s good buddy (and advisor) Steve Bannon, who has produced 18 movies, and was a force behind getting the series Seinfeld off the ground? James Woods, Jon Voigt, Clint Eastwood, Dean Cain, “Chachi”? (Do any of these names (with one possible exception) mean anything to anyone?)

Repubs — 4

Dems — 1 (yeah, gotta give them that, though “Hollywood” has absolutely nothing to do with the satanic trafficking of children)


Duh….. Not just Trump’s best buds Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, but we all know that desiring sex with young girls is Trump’s thing. Especially his self-publicized desire for his own daughter, Ivanka, starting when she was a young teenager, and Tiffany, when she was still in the crib. (And his bursting unannounced into teen beauty pageant dressing rooms to get a gander at young, bare skin? Nothing untoward there, right?)

Repubs — 5

Dems — 1

Feeding On the Blood of Abused Children

Trump admits to existing almost entirely on cooked flesh, while a lot of Dems and “Hollywood elite” are vegans. Still, hard to prove repubs eat children. (Only process their blood for Trump’s adrenochrome.)

Repubs — still 5

Dems —back to 0

Satanic Rituals

Well, that’s just crazy talk. To learn spells and rituals Trump would have to be able to read, or at the least, listen to and follow instructions...LOL!No devil here…keep walking, folks.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Grand Total

Repubs — 5

Dems — 0

In summary, it would seem that the majority of the pieces do fit into a larger picture. The lost children are at the control of Trump and the repubs, by the thousands, 24 hours a day (though not so many are “lost” enough to be of use… yet.) They are the source of the drug adrenochrome, unstable supplies of which clearly being the reason Trump’s health, cognitive ability and emotional stability vary from day to day, hour to hour. (And why he is so determined to get the CDC and FDA working on testing, approving, producing, and marketing new drugs, including adrenochrome, which should be much easier now with the WHO and Dr. Fauci effectively out of the picture.) And if there was ever someone who cared less about the well-being of children, or has preyed on more of them than Trump, I can’t imagine who they might be.

All evidence says that the republican QAnon movement was established specifically to draw attention away from the true master of this evil drug cult, Donald “Jenius” Trump, and instead place this so-called guilt on the heads of the most unlikely of culprits, Democrats (whose presidential candidate, Joe Biden, Trump has essentially cleared of any involvement.)

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

(Readers, I can’t lie by saying I’d be disappointed if this total crap I’ve proposed above found a wider audience, just to show how stupid the whole QAnon concept is. The genuinely crazy thing? This satire makes far more sense than the actual QAnon conspiracy. Of course, for this foolishness to spread as if true, like the actual hoax unfortunately has, Democrats would have to be as easily manipulated and incapable of reason as the QAnon supporters, and I don’t believe that’s even remotely possible. Ignorance MUST be countered, even if only by satire, logic and common sense. Thank you.)



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