Speaking foreign language” NBC News

One can’t help but wonder; 1) is this because the “language” was unidentifiable to the individual providing closed captions, and therefore pig latin (or actual Latin) or Esperanto would have generated the same caption, or 2) had this person simply never heard of Puerto Rico? Or at the least, was unaware of Spanish as its official language, and its residents’ status as American citizens. (And other examples as well.)

I’ve seen so very many laughable CC errors, but this is actually cruel, while offering no benefit or advantage. Good thing nothing this ignorant and hurtful will ever be displayed to such a huge audience ever again, huh?

(Uh, as a southern American, I suspect you’d be very busy looking for a local who doesn’t think “that white Jesus wrote the Bible in English.” But I’m betting you knew that already….)

Ms. Edwards, I just “discovered” you this morning, and you are an absolute gift to the world. THANK YOU!

Award-wanting white writer-ish. OLD. Nixon ’68-Cried myself to sleep. After crying myself to sleep again in 2016, now living 2 C “Orange” wearing PRISON orange.

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