The New Power of the Supreme(sic) Court Derives from Their Clear Awareness That Progressives are Morally Superior

They know that the left will not likely do those same evil, cruel, and soulless things the right is doing every day. Thus, we progressives must be stopped! Huh?

foofaraw & Chiquita (ARF!)
5 min readJun 26, 2022

(Full disclosure: My online alias for years was Roland V. Wade.)

I’m not at all envious of the young, because at my age, this past Thursday (6/23/22) was likely better than any day I will ever see again. (I said the same thing 11/4/15, and I was right.) So much more hell awaits the living than the dead.

But I am envious of the young, because some of them may live long enough to see justice and equality to a degree the rest of us can never hope to experience. (However unlikely that seems, so…never mind.)

The list of freedoms on the chopping block is long and terrible, but there is one item from that list that I fear losing above all others combined: it seems more than likely that the court responsible for Citizens United (when not even nearly as powerful) will most certainly turn back or refuse to hear any legal effort to control climate change. Even the destruction of the legally sound Roe v. Wade or the prospect of the emotional devastation from the reversal of marriage equality may pale in comparison to providing the most militarily powerful nation on Earth the means to assure 100% compliance in their intention to place corporate profits above any or all other things in existence. (I take some comfort in thinking that just a few years ago this statement would have been so hyperbolic as to transcend either reason or effective satire. But back then Trump was a joke we could laugh at. Now he’s just a joke.)

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EDIT: 6/30/2022 10:27AM-Rarely have I hated being right about something quite this much, even though predicting this horror required no more prescience than predicting the rising sun each morning:

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Bizarrely enough, the entire success of this Scorched Earth Court is based on the understanding that unlike the right, progressives are not violent or lawbreaking people even when the laws considered are absurdly illogical and cruel. The Sucker-Punch Court will certainly act predictably on any case reaching them that is in any manner connected to the 1/6 insurrection attempt or justice for Trump and his ilk. They will act, safe in their knowledge that we progressives will never react in the same manner in which those “patriotic Americans” that shit in our Capitol Building did. Or am I just being optimistic, and the reality is that they depend more heavily on literally “outgunning” the opposition? They have the guns, both private and military (including law enforcement), but I feel that they expect not to need them, specifically because we are nothing like them, and they know it.

To simplify, this entire evil strategy of the complete and total destruction of American democracy is based on the knowledge by the right that we Democrats (liberals, progressives, etc.) are morally superior people with more humane intentions than 2/3rds of this court or anyone on the right will ever have. And to them, that is exactly the reason we must be stopped!

Think about that: Evil people will use guns and the very real threat of violence to keep peaceful, well-intentioned people from helping others, and from bringing the teachings of Jesus into the world to manifest a state of peace and brotherhood.

They prefer cash…..

(Even as a non-Christian it’s hard not to dream of a world based on the Sermon on the Mount over what we currently have.)

Surely it would be no surprise to anyone if we were to learn that TFG has slept far more soundly since the reversal of Roe v. Wade confirmed that he will be protected in any case reaching the Scorched Earth Court. Since they themselves decide what they will hear and what they will not, it’s safe to say that the right will be bringing them such an abundance of 1/6 and Trump Administration related cases that TFG may just as well have, while still in office, given a full, lifetime pardon to anyone wearing a red cap. (I fully suspect there are two reasons blanket pardons from the time of birth did not take place: 1) as a display of control, and 2) it might have interrupted a golf outing.) And likely the crush of such cases will mean they will be processed in mass in middle-of-the-night Shadow Dockets. After all, other than being done in mass, that’s already happening.

All it may take from this moment on to remove any “pesky and annoying” law (Social Security, ACA, privacy and/or so-called anti-sodomy laws, Medicare, voting rights for women and people of color, rural electricity, marriage equality, civil rights, etc.) and to end any ensuing legal battle will be for anyone on the right to simply speak the words “Supreme Court”. What would be the point in continuing, other than a guarantee of failure that would be devastating, very possibly to tens of millions?

The Supreme(sic) Court will no longer be an option for any case that might otherwise have been presented by the left. With such doubt over what the terms “legal” or “law” may even mean on a day-to-day basis, why bother? They have the guns, they have the power behind the law, they have those not only willing to die, but trembling with excitement to continue killing those that their Orange God of Hate has never stopped telling them to kill.

I’m begging anyone who might read this to tell me that I’m not just wrong, but wrong to an epic degree. Please, someone, tell me how foolish and paranoid I’m being. How these concerns are just as nutty as the belief that JFK, Jr. will arise from the grave to lead TFG back to the golf course, er… Oval Office.


Thank you. I really don’t enjoy being this scared.



foofaraw & Chiquita (ARF!)

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