Tragically, We Now Know Exactly What “American Excellence” Means to the Monsters of the Far-Right, Including White Evangelicals

The Legacy of Donald Trump Appears Destined to Transcend That of Jesus…and Not by Accident

foofaraw & Chiquita (ARF!)
4 min readJul 2, 2022

In a major environmental case, the court has made clear that it would rather represent the interests of corporations and the super-rich than the needs and desires of the vast majority of Americans — or people on Earth”

In my Medium article, Not All Climate Deaths Will Be Equal, But All Are Avoidable, I close by presenting two questions once commonly offered up in America for speculation, but certainly never to be asked again (even before the American Supreme Court-induced deathwatch of Planet Earth began this week):

“Does it really matter who is president? Surely no one person really matters, do they?”

“Could someone like Hitler possibly take power in a democracy like America?”

Regrettably, the reason the second question will never again be asked is not because America has learned something about responsibility or the power of soulless evil, but rather because new levels of greed and corruption transcend anything that humans should have learned or may ever have the opportunity to ask again.

Americans overwhelmingly allowed or encouraged Trump to be elected, then far too often followed and worshipped him as if a god with the power to exalt his clearly singularly beloved white race. (I confess, my race as well.) They did not do so naively, but with at minimum the indication he was never hesitant to provide; that eventually he would happily destroy all life on Earth if he could be assured that all sentient beings would expire with the final image in their minds-eye being of his sneering, raccoon-eyed face, and with his name in every news source’s last headline while also being gasped as a curse from every pair of cracked and dying lips. Truth be told, that’s why he’s worshipped. We now realize he truly was given the destructive power of a god by American supporters and non-voters alike.

The deadly Trump administration Covid response was just a warm-up. If I may paraphrase a cruel cliché into an even crueler one, “He who dies being universally known for having created the greatest amount of pointless misery, wins.”

In that context, everyone on Earth (but especially in America) to have enabled and supported Donald Trump is truly a winner. Not only now, but until the last blade of grass, the last drop of water and even the last cockroach may cease to be. When Jesus is no longer even a memory, the “success” of Donald Trump may still be causing him to chortle in whatever circle of hell might remain to be his home. (Hell also being an all too fragile human construct.) However unlikely, should any such Trump-supporting Americans be reading this it may be wise to pre-order your celebratory “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Trump” grave marker. I predict a last-minute rush.

True, Earth’s ultimate destruction isn’t a certainty. But considering everything that’s working against the survival of the planet, most of it being new climate-related territory, all it may take to bring about the end of all we know is a little…push. (Even Fox appears to be getting a bit scared of “our favorite little ratings booster.”) There are still too many people in America dedicated to providing that push in honor of the person least deserving of even the concept of honor. So many others just didn’t care, and still don’t care enough to even leave their large screens for long enough to cast a vote to be permitted continued life. (Perhaps a helpful “get out the vote” strategy might be, “When life on Earth no longer exists, neither will the Kardashians. VOTE as if their show depends on it!”)

Yes, others than Trump started this final solution to the apparent “problem” of humanity’s continued existence, and in the same article I mention that “capitalism over humanity” billionaires will still be grabbing for dollars on that final day. (We really should have been paying closer attention when Trump Fed candidate Stephen Moore declared that “capitalism is more important than democracy”.) But it was Donald Trump who turned simple derision toward anyone wishing for humanity to participate in justice and equality in any form into such a joyous cottage industry hate fest. It was Trump who made the pure orgasmic joy of “owning the libs” transcend any of the love or wisdom that might be found in the Bible, the Constitution, the Magna Carta, or the Quran (especially after they’re all banned for containing “words”. Not that a single word in any of them, or anything containing words, would ever be read by those duking it out amongst themselves for the honor of being Trump’s “Most Under-Educated”.)

American Trump supporters, enjoy your “freedom” to, at minimum, facilitate the destruction of everything humanity might have ever been, or have eventually achieved. Keep yelling “FIRE!” in creation’s largest, most crowded theater.

You goddamn fools.

Again, I close with a question…

When was the last time anyone heard a Christian discuss humanity’s responsibility to embrace responsible stewardship for planet Earth?” (I think we’re decidedly past the whole “false gods” thing.)

Thank you.



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