True Religion Does NOT Kill

““I encourage all Americans to gather, in homes and places of worship, to offer a prayer of thanks to God for our many blessings,” Trump said at the end of the annual presidential Thanksgiving proclamation released by the White House press secretary’s office on Wednesday.

While it has always seemed that Drumpf was, shall we say, “unconcerned” with the welfare of Americans, this is not that.

We all know from his own statements that Drumpf only considers that he has lost if he is unable to inflict pain on his otherwise winning opponent, and with the above statement his true goal seems clear:

It’s OK to kill 99 supporters as long as you also take out a single opponent.

Why else would Drumpf’s Supreme Court judges have passed the decision that they did yesterday? (Timing says everything I’m not articulate enough to convince someone of.) We saw the Drumpf picks choose, not the side of religion, but that of religious zealotry. Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and Barrett (as the deciding vote) as well as the less than unexpected Thomas and Alito, issued a decision that basically turns America’s most “church-going” (which I do not necessarily equate with “religious”), into members of a death cult. And I am not being hyperbolic. What mainstream religion (or religion, period) encourages widespread suicide and manslaughter? This is not a religious decision, this is Drumpf’s revenge.

This decision, at least as presented, specifically effects New York (seemingly most specifically the city), and there is nothing Drumpf would rather see than countless deaths among the New Yorkers he thinks he benefited the entire time he was evading hundreds of millions in taxes as a resident of the city, and now thinks betrayed him in the recent election. I suspect while he has had no concern about the coronavirus death toll, I’ve little doubt he’ll be watching the count for the state of New York, and bragging to his closest associates that “This is even better than shooting somebody on 5th Avenue!!!” I am not being facetious, and I am not laughing. He will feel proud, and perhaps even God-like in his vengeance.

One can’t help but presume the true test of this “law” will be when one faith contests another. When Christianity questions Islam, or when Christianity contests Judaism. Then we will see this decision for what it truly is; Christianity versus all the world’s beliefs (and non-beliefs.)

And of course, this opens the floodgates to remove legal rights anytime someone speaks the three “magic” words, “My religion disagrees.” No more LGBTQ anti-discrimination protection, no more same-sex marriage, no more seeing your partner as they lay dying in the hospital, no more LGBTQ couples adopting children, no members of the LGBTQ community in the military, and no partners receiving an estate if the will is contested by the biological family.

We must hope that late in the day of January 20th, 2021 this madness will already see actions that will treat all Americans as something other than enemies. At least, until each individual (such in those in the above statement and the SC decision) proves otherwise.

Thank you, and please stay safe.


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