What’s With FOX and Countless Red State Covid Deaths?

Imagine the possibility of such a Trump campaign ad as the following when President Biden attempts his run for reelection:

“Under a Biden administration, millions of patriotic American citizens of all ages in Red states have lost their lives from the deadly Chinese virus. But there are almost no deaths in blue states.

“Why is this? Is Biden so desperate to steal a second election that he has deliberately caused the deaths of millions of Trump voters? Biden had the miraculous Trump Vaccines. All he had to do to save millions of lives was to make them available in Red states, but he did not.

“And while we notified the world of Biden’s deadly intentions, the Trump-hating media refused to listen. And now millions of Trump voters are dead, while. millions of “liberals” in blue states owe their LIVES to Trump, and his miracle vaccines.

“NOW is the time to take our country back……..etc,,”

I think we all know that all it will take is for Trump to speak the above one time only, for every Trump supporter in America to both run for their guns and run to the polls.

In that sequence.

Now, let’s find out how the events of today can , and may result in such a Trump campaign ad:

Even as Donald Trump was telling all of America that the coronavirus was harmless; no worse than flu and would be over in a matter of days, he was also telling Bob Woodward that he was aware of just how dangerous it actually was.

Why the discrepancy, and how does that explain FOX choosing to kill and cause such suffering to their viewers? Though it took a long while to understand, I think I have some solid ideas to explain what surely appears to most to be little more than a cruel form of madness.

Perhaps at first Trump was simply denying covid in an attempt to keep the economy and stock market growing (which seemed to be Trump’s motivation in most matters.) If it turned out that covid was as bad as predicted, Trump seemingly thought it could perhaps cause postponement of the 2020 election. Trump would no doubt have considered a that a huge win, giving him time to take credit for a vaccine near-impossibly released “over the next few months.”(1) Then, as covid continued to spread and even mutate without any sign of either easing or the creation and approval of an “instant” vaccine, it also became a means by which an increasingly desperate Trump could deceive his many followers in anticipation of 2024, and likely even the 2022 midterms.

But as America learned, as bad as covid was, it wasn’t severe enough to postpone the 2020 election. However, it did show how pandemic-considered elections can be affected by mail-in and advance voting.

After his election loss, Trump was told by staff (and has publicly made the statement) that covid at the very least contributed to his his loss, regardless of his constant claims of having had his victory stolen.(2)(3) So what could be more logical (for Trump) than to presume that Biden, in Trump’s mind being no more qualified than he to be president, could equally be brought down by covid in his 2024 re-election bid?

A three-pronged approach seems to have been coordinated to prevent a Biden 2024 re-election, regardless of cost to human life, decency or democracy: 1) continue to lie about covid and vaccinations on social media and through Trump surrogates, to prevent the slowing of the covid spread, 2) have FOX seemingly act against their interests by causing the illnesses and deaths of as many viewers as possible, and 3) remove any pandemic-based voting conveniences, which are proven to help minority voting, the GOP presuming they can keep the pandemic going strong until at least the 2022 midterm election. The likely Trump logic? Trump voters, being unafraid of the “hoax” virus, will vote no matter how many of them have died, and minority voters, often elderly, infirm and now forced to stand in line for hours, simply won’t make the effort.

(It might also be possible, considering Trump’s words and actions during the 1/6 insurrection, that his true intention on that day was to cause one or more high-ranking deaths to force “national emergency” measures, thus (in his mind) delaying the transfer of power. But since it seems that Trump is so rarely aware of the consequences of his actions, this is still debatable, and at least has yet to be confirmed.)

To return to the original question: How can a GOP-based quest for endless covid deaths make sense? Remember, Trump believes he lost to covid, and he also believes that the same can happen to Biden, however much manipulation may be necessary. As result, Fox and Trump are working to be certain there will be NO relief from Covid under Biden. (Remember this scene at CPAC?(4) Much as the GOP (under McConnell) decided there would be no jobs created by an Obama infrastructure plan despite America’s great need for jobs and repair, but this is a greater, far more deadly betrayal of America.)

The GOP has one more Trump re-election weapon America mustn’t forget or ignore. The so-called “Trump Vaccines”. You know, the three (rather, two at best, and this wasn’t that(5)) which Trump “created” under Operation Warp Speed, and Republicans once wanted to be called the “Trump Vaccine.”(6) Now they mention them only with derision.

Thank you. Please spread these ideas in any manner or form, or as modified as you may feel appropriate. Even if the chance of this becoming reality is small, it can’t be ignored, and America needs to be prepared. And in the meantime, I’ll hope to be wrong.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

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