South Carolina is now Trump HELL For Liberals

foofaraw & Chiquita (ARF!)
2 min readOct 25, 2020

My South Carolina neighbors have increased their target shooting. The law here says no one can shoot a firearm within 300 yards of a residence. They’re at about 200 feet, and it’s clearly with high-powered rifles. (The time between the gunshot and the sound of the struck target reaching us is less than 1/5th of a second.) And I am known in the community for being a liberal supporting the BLM movement.

I asked them to comply with the law, and what I received in reply was a gunshot. But that’s what tRump supporters do. My dear puppy Chiquita barked at them from her own property, and that generated gunfire as well. They’ve always been active with their guns, but always from outside the legal limit (until very recently.)

I don’t mind saying that I’m scared. Not of death, but for my parents, and for America. I get this very distinct feeling that such people are hoping, and working, for a day when there will be so much death and destruction that the laws will simply no longer be enforceable. Purge Day, if you will, but based on political beliefs.

South Carolina is not the place to be for those like us for two the next weeks minimum. Perhaps forever. (It was within 70 miles of here that tRump infamously ridiculed the disabled reporter.) My plan has been to wear a BLM shirt to vote on Nov. 3rd, but I may have to rethink that in respect to my elderly parents. (My 91-year old father spent much of last night in the ER. He has serious infections that he absolutely refuses to tell us about until they require emergency treatment. It seems he’d rather die than ask for help.)

I can only hope that tRump’s recent abandonment of Lindsey Graham will make a difference.

tRump is an absolute lock in SC, so we’ll have to wonder for a bit if Lindsay alone is still enough for gun-toting southerners to turn up at the polls, but I think I already have my answer. It’s not so much about tRump as it is about a carefully formulated sex fantasy.

Please, all of you that have regard for me, think of us for the next few weeks. My goal is not to be melodramatic, but to be realistic, and we are absolutely surrounded by violent hate.

Thanks, and love to you all.

EDIT: 10/27/20

It has been pointed out to this very nearly oblivious white man of obvious (though unfortunate) privilege, that what I describe above is very closely the narrative of every Black American for the past 401 years. I apologize as much as I may be able for not recognizing this all too apparent reality, and I WILL vote, and I WILL promise to never stop working in an attempt to end this deliberate and all too obvious effort to expand injustice and inequality (which in reality negatively affects each and every American. Thank you!)



foofaraw & Chiquita (ARF!)

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